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I am often asked where the name Sleepygirl's Used Books came from, so for those of you who are curious: when I first got on the internet and was browsing, chatting, looking for my little internet niche, I found I needed a name. One night, when I couldn't sleep, I came up with the name Sleepygirl (actually, Sleepygirl was taken, so I ended up with Sleepygirl2). When I started selling books on Ebay, I used that name, so when I decided to branch out and sell books on ABE, I needed a bookstore name and wanted a name that would be recognized by my Ebay customers. Hence, Sleepygirl's Used Books.



The Store

We eventually branched out into furniture and collectibles as well as books and just kept on growing until...

May 22, 2011, a date that will forever live in the minds of the people in Joplin, Missouri. We were among thousands of people who lost their homes or businesses. Luckily, the tornado missed our home and we just lost our store, including all of the books and furniture. Most importantly, no one in our family was hurt. We moved to a new location and also opened a second furniture store in Baxter Springs, Kansas. The new location in Joplin didn't work out but, thankfully, the one in Baxter Springs is doing very well. As far as books, I'm back to selling them mostly online at this time.

Baxter Springs, KS, Store Hours

10:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Saturday.

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