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This Week's Featured Books:

Nora Roberts has written over 100 novels and is the first writer to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame.
She lives with her family in the Blue Ridge mountain range of western Maryland. She is an ardent sportswoman and has traveled
the East Coast from Canada to Florida.

Captivated: Silhouette Special Edition #768. Donovan Legacy series:

"Screenwriter Nash Kirkland figured self-proclaimed witch Morgana Donovan would be a great 'resource' for his next horror movie. The problem was, getting to know Morgana was becoming an obsession. Was he truly in love, or was he just bewitched? Morgana could accept Nash's skepticism, and, fortunately for him, she found him outrageously attractive as well as endearingly sweet. But could an ordinary man handle being in love with a rather extraordinary woman?"
Song of the west #143:
Family obligations had led Samantha Evans to the land of windswept plains and towering mountains. But she had every intention of returning to the East after her sister's baby was safely born. Unexpectedly, she felt like changing her mind. She found that she didn't want to say good-bye after all, even though she knew that her sister no longer needed her. Was it because she had fallen in love with the beautiful country, or should she admit to herself that a tall, commanding rancher had corralled her heart forever?

Island of Flowers: Silhouette Romance #180:

"When Laine Simmons comes to Hawaii for a reconciliation with her long-estranged father, she does not expect Dillon O'Brian, her father's handsome young business partner, to oppose her. But Dillon is convinced that Laine is responsible for the family misunderstanding. He is sure that Laine is only after her father's money. Now Laine must fight her growing attraction for this stern, loyal man. No matter how much she craves it, she knows that she can never find love with a man who mistrusts her."


"The island inn, run by her bitterly estranged family, brings back painful memories as she is enmeshed once again in the troubled relationships she has struggled so long and hard to forget. With the help of one man, she must learn the truth about who is stalking her--and about the tragic past that torments her family still. But the menace that drove Jo back to Sanctuary has followed her there. And those on the island will learn that Sanctuary may be the most dangerous place of all..."